Tyre type container gantry crane


  • Capacity:35-45T
  • Work Duty: A6,A7,A8
  • Power Supply: Electric, Diesel Engine, Electric-disel Engine
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Port crane

Advantages of Tyre type container gantry crane:

Tyre type container gantry crane (RTG) is the main product of our company. It is not only suitable for the yard at the front of the container terminal, but also suitable for the special container yard at the rear transfer station. Suitable for loading and unloading of ISO20’/40′ international standard containers (and heavy containers). Through the movement of the two coordinate directions of the cart and the trolley, the crane can operate on a rectangular container yard.

The main technical features of the Tyre type container gantry crane are: in the overall design, the hoisting mechanism and the trolley running mechanism are designed to share a set of driving devices, the mechanism is fixedly installed on the bottom beam, and the trolley is equipped with a lifting pulley block; The speed mode realizes the correction during the running process of the cart. The machine is reasonable in structure, convenient in operation and sensitive in action, and is the preferred loading and unloading machine for container yard operations in ports.

Features of Tyre type container gantry crane:

  1. Rubber-tyred container gantry cranes are special machines for stacking operations in container yards, and are widely used in ports and container yards.
  2. Using special container spreader, it can lift 20, 40, 45 standard containers and hydraulic storage tanks.
  3. The three-in-one reducer is used for the large and small car running machines, which is convenient for maintenance.
  4. The tires can achieve 90° steering and field changing operations, and have the function of 20° or 45° oblique running.
  5. Adopt PLC AC inverter to realize stepless speed regulation and controllable soft start. The starting performance is good, the operation is stable, and the zero-speed braking of each mechanism can be realized.
  6. The main circuit is non-contact control to monitor, protect, display and alarm the system.
  7. Set the current conversion interface, which can be connected to an external AC power supply during operation. Save oil resources, reduce operating costs, reduce noise and vibration, and reduce exhaust gas pollution.



Light Type LJ40-32

Lifting Capacity(under spreader)(t)

35, 40


Work Duty

A7, A8

A6, A7

Span (m)

23, 47

23, 47

Lifting Height (m)



Stack Layers/Passing Layers 



Container Model

20′,40′, 45′

20′,40′, 45′

Spreader Rotating Angle



Hoisting Speed (m/min)

13/26, 23/52

12/18, 18/28

Cross Travel Speed (m/min)



Long Travel Speed (m/min)

Full Load-90, Without Load-130

Full Load-20 Without Load-40

Max. Wheel Load (KN)



Total Rating (KW)

150, 230

110, 150

Power Supply

Electric, Diesel Engine, Electric-disel Engine

Electric, Diesel Engine, Electric-disel Engine