Straightener roller handling crane


  • Automatic precise positioning control ensures accurate roller placement.
  • Automatic hydraulic clamp, professional roller automatic spreader.
  • Multiple lifting technology can replace 10 sets of rollers at a time.

Advantages of Straightener roller handling crane:

In the metallurgical industry, rolling different types of profiles requires timely and rapid replacement of the corresponding rolls. Straightener roller handling crane is a special crane designed and manufactured for the replacement of straightening rollers for straighteners in the metallurgical industry.

Features of Straightener roller handling crane:

  1. Automatic precise positioning control to ensure accurate pick and place of rolls;
  2. The anti-sway control technology ensures the smooth operation of the roll hoisting process;
  3. Fully automatic hydraulic clamp, professional roll automatic spreader;
  4. Multiple sets of lifting technology can replace 10 sets of rolls at one time;
  5. Accurate sensing technology to ensure the safety of the entire operation process.