Slab Clamp Crane


  • Lifting stator regulation, frequency conversion operation, smooth lifting operation, small impact;
  • Main electrical is placed inside the main beam and equipped with industrial AC unit to ensure a good working environment and temperature;
  • Overall processing of structural parts to ensure the installation accuracy.

Advantages of Slab Clamp Cranes:

Slab clamp crane is a special equipment for handling slabs, especially high temperature slabs. When loading and unloading vehicles, it can lift slabs or blooms with a thickness of more than 150mm. The temperature of the high temperature slab can be above 650°C.

Features of Slab Clamp Crane:

  1. Flexible slab clamp crane: It has the characteristics of light weight and high winding technology. The main hoisting mechanism and the clamp are connected by wire ropes. The wobble of the clamping device is reduced by the precise design of the wire rope winding system.
  2. Rigid slab clamp crane: It has the characteristics of easy alignment, high efficiency and good safety. A single-layer or multi-layer guide cylinder is arranged in the middle of the power hoisting wire rope, and the clamping device is prevented by the guiding function of the guide cylinder. Shaking during work.
  3. Gravity-type slab clamp crane: It has the characteristics of simple structure, and the structure is the same as that of general bridge cranes. The slab clamp is suspended on the spreader (single and double hooks) of the main hoisting mechanism. Closing mechanism, special simple clamp device with locking function.
  4. Diverse structures and tailor-made: From the structural point of view, slab clamps include automatic slab clamps, electric winch automatic slab clamps, electric translation type slab clamps, automatic trapezoidal slab clamps and Hydraulic slab clamp.
  5. Mobile cab with clear vision: In order to facilitate the driver’s observation and operation, the large-span slab clamp crane is usually equipped with a mobile cab.