Semi-gantry crane


  • Capacity:20-200T
  • Scope of application: steel market, construction site hoisting, etc.
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Gantry crane

Advantages of semi-gantry cranes:

Semi-gantry cranes are used in warehousing and logistics, precision machining, metal manufacturing, wind power, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, construction machinery, etc.

Semi-gantry cranes, sometimes referred to as “gantry” or “giant cranes”, operate on rails installed on the second floor.

The use of a single offset beam and outrigger construction with only row hoists enables long weights to traverse through the outriggers. Rotating the load around the outriggers creates a feed table that creates a wider storage space outside the outriggers, enabling traversing across the outriggers.

Features of semi-gantry crane:

The semi-gantry crane is characterized in that it needs to be installed on the track on the ground and on the steel structure installation track on the other.

The unique innovative design provides an excellent solution for semi-gantry cranes with low lifting capacity (depending on the span, the maximum lifting capacity can reach 150 tons).

Special crane wheels, equipped with advanced polyurethane tires, can run directly on the factory floor, and the high-level guide roller system ensures the smooth operation of the crane.

Safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

This product is a general purpose crane, mostly used for material handling in machining workshops. Operation mode: wired control, wireless remote control.