Roasting multifunctional crane


  • Capacity:20/300T
  • working level:A6
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Special crane

Advantages of Roasting multifunctional crane:

Roasting multifunctional crane is equipped with vacuum material conveying system, dust removal and purification system, and anode carbon block clamping device. It integrates machine, electricity and gas. It is a special equipment for producing electrolytic aluminum anode carbon block. The trolley is equipped with an auxiliary suction pipe, which can clean the flue and remove dust. A 10t electric hoist is equipped on the bridge frame to carry out the transport of the burner and the maintenance of the roaster. The trolley of the machine adopts double drive, the trolley adopts single drive, the anode clamp lift adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, the whole machine adopts PLC control, all crane movements are operated in the control room, and the control room is equipped with an air conditioning device that can adjust the cold and heat.

Product composition of Roasting multifunctional crane:

  1. Loading the unfired anode block (green block) into the roasting furnace pit.
  2. Filling The granular coke in the charging box is filled into the gap between the roaster and the anode block, and covers the top.
  3. Suction material suck the filling material in the furnace into the silo.
  4. Take out the fired anode block (cooked block) from the roasting furnace and send it to the conveyor belt or designated place.
  5. Other auxiliary lifting work.