Quenching Crane


  • Weihua patented wire rope adjustment device
  • Weihua independent patent anti-sway technology
  • C-type hook special spreader
  • Intelligent Control System

Advantages of Quenching Crane:

Weihua intelligent quenching crane is mainly used for hoisting and quenching of high temperature profiles or bars. After the high-temperature bar is released, it is transported to the designated position by a flat car, the heat treatment crane runs in place and lifts the high-temperature bar to the quenching pool, then descends for heat treatment, and finally lifts and places it at the designated position, waiting for the instruction before proceeding to the next work. cycle.

Quenching Crane

  • The hoisting mechanism has the function of rapid descending, and is equipped with emergency brake release device and overspeed protection.
  • Special coating process for the whole machine, equipped with heat insulation protection device, to adapt to the working environment eroded by harmful gases such as oil vapor, smoke and dust.
  • Modular design of spare parts, low spare parts inventory rate.
  • Vehicle speed control, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to operate.

Features of Quenching Crane:

  1. Wire rope adjustment device: The hoisting mechanism adopts a single-drive double drum structure, which can ensure the synchronism of the lifting of the double lifting points, and a wire rope adjustment device is installed to quickly level the spreader.
  2. Anti-sway technology: The whole machine is equipped with rigid guide column and horizontal guide wheel device, which has anti-sway and precise positioning functions.
  3. Special sling for C-type hooks: equipped with special slings for quenching C-type hooks, multiple C-type hooks are assembled with detachable pins, and the connection position is set on the side, which is convenient for later maintenance and effectively improves the hoisting space.
  4. Intelligent control system: The control system is equipped with wireless remote control and ground central control, using big brand wireless communication equipment to realize the information interaction between the remote control station and the driving, with remote control and automatic control modes.
  5. High-precision positioning: The positioning system adopts an absolute encoder and a position detection switch, which can automatically correct and avoid accumulated errors to achieve high-precision positioning.
  6. Safe and efficient: The control system receives the instructions sent by the upper system to realize fully automatic operation, with functions such as stable posture, light lifting, quick quenching, and anti-collision.