QC electromagnetic overhead crane


  • Capacity:5-50/10T
  • working level:A6
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Overhead crane

Advantages of QC electromagnetic overhead crane:

Weihua QC electromagnetic overhead crane has a detachable electro-magnetic disk, which is especially suitable for handling ferrous metal products and materials with magnetic permeability, such as steel ingots, section steel, pig iron blocks, etc. It is mainly used in rolling lines, finished product warehouses, shipyard steel yards, blanking workshops, etc. in iron and steel enterprises. The lifting capacity of Weihua electromagnetic crane includes the self-weight of the electromagnet.

Features of QC electromagnetic overhead crane:

  1. The entrance direction of the cab platform is divided into three types: side entrance, end entrance and top entrance.
  2. The cab can be installed at the left end or at the right end.
  3. The lifting weight includes the self-weight of the disk.
  4. The total weight of the crane does not include the weight of the disk and its accessories.
  5. The electromagnetic chuck is directly suspended under the hook. Easy disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance.
  6. The lifting brake has a manual release function. In the fault state, the electromagnetic sucker and heavy objects suspended in the air can be quickly and smoothly put down to avoid safety accidents.
  7. The electromagnetic sucker is powered independently by the cable reel.
  8. With the function of power failure and magnetic protection, it can prevent heavy objects from falling due to accidental power failure.

QC electromagnetic overhead crane

All steel plates of the crane go through the steel pretreatment production line, shot blasting, primer spraying, primer drying, eliminating the internal stress of the steel plate, effectively increasing the adhesion between the primer and the steel plate, and ensuring the appearance of the product.

The blanking of the steel plate adopts a full set of German Messer CNC plasma cutting machine, which has fast cutting speed, small deformation and high precision, and the error can be controlled within 1mm. It can meet the high quality standards of raw materials and reach the industry-leading level.

Using steel coils or seamless steel pipes, Weihua has an industry-leading production and processing production line for steel coils, from 1250 press pre-bending, to three-series coiling machine rolling, and then to the longitudinal seam of the cylinder Automatic welding center welding of and girth seams and simplified machining of heavy duty CNC horizontal lathes.

The end beam welding adopts double-gun gantry submerged arc welding, which effectively guarantees the stability of the welding quality of the product.

The main beam is the first in the industry to adopt efficient and intelligent welding robots. The inner seam welding of the main beam adopts advanced MAG welding, using Ar+CO2 mixed shielding gas, and the four main welds on the outer side of the main beam are welded by submerged arc automatic fillet welding machine.

The main butt welds and fillet welds of the main girder plates are tested by radiography and ultrasonic testing to ensure the quality of the welds.

Crane wheels and wheel axles undergo high-frequency quenching and quenching and tempering treatment to effectively eliminate internal stress and ensure machining accuracy.

Large-scale welded structural parts such as trolley frame, drum, and trolley frame are annealed in a natural gas annealing furnace to ensure the processing accuracy of the product after welding. Weihua has a trolley-type natural gas annealing furnace. The net size of the furnace (length X width X height) is 10000mmX4000mmX4000mm. Post-weld stress relief annealing treatment of various large, medium and small welded structural parts on cranes. This annealing capability is only possessed by “Too Heavy” and “Weihua”.

According to customer needs, the crane can be equipped with our company’s patent – electric swing, which is the world’s leading technology. The same industry took the lead in realizing lean management and lean production, which promoted the further improvement of product quality.