Overhead erecting machine


  • Capacity:60-150T
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Road overhead & Water conservancy

Advantages of overhead erecting machine:

The overhead erecting machine is mainly composed of main beam, cantilever beam, lower guide beam, front and rear outriggers, auxiliary outriggers, hanging beam traveling, cantilever crane and electro-hydraulic system. It is suitable for the erection of single-span simply supported beams with three different spans, and has high working efficiency.

In addition to standard bridging operations, the overhead erecting machine can also meet the requirements of first and last span erection, curved erection, variable span erection, span continuous beam, combined beam, continuous steel structure, etc. Existing bridge erection, simply supported variable span continuous erection and other working conditions. It has the advantages of simple support setting, fixed-point lifting, good beam lifting stability, high operation efficiency, safety and reliability, convenient span adjustment, and convenient operation.

overhead erecting crane

For the convenience of transportation and on-site installation of the overhead erecting machine, the main structures are connected by pins and flanges. The bridge erection machine can be divided into several parts such as main beam, lifting trolley, front outrigger, middle outrigger, walking track, beam-carrying flat car, hydraulic and electrical, etc., forming a complete structural system. The main beam is the main load-bearing member of the bridge erection machine. It is divided into 2 columns, each column is 50 meters long.

For the convenience of transportation, each column of main beams is divided into 5 sections, which are connected by pins. The two main beams are connected together through the rear upper beam, the front frame and the front outrigger beam. A square steel track is laid on the top of the upper chord of the main beam, and the hoisting trolley runs on the upper part and performs lifting operations.

The overhead erecting machine is mainly suitable for erecting highways, railways, inclined bridges, 0-450 straight and curved bridges. For curved bridges, it can be erected with a curvature radius of 400 meters and a slope of ±30. At present, this kind of bridge erecting machine is relatively safe at home and abroad. It is an all-round bridge erecting machine with reliable performance, high technical content and complete configuration. This product is suitable for highway construction in mountainous areas, and can meet the requirements of large slope, small radius curved bridges, inclined bridges and tunnels and other bridge erection requirements. It is also more convenient in the plain construction conditions.