NLH Electric Double Girder Crane


  • Capacity:80T
  • Power Supply:Customizable
  • Work Duty:A5-A6
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:New type crane

The steel structure of the NLH electric double-girder crane is reasonably designed, conforms to the norms and standards, and meets the requirements of strength, rigidity and stability. In the design, the working environment of the site is considered; the design of the steel structure takes into account the convenience and possibility of manufacturing, inspection, transportation, installation and maintenance.

Under the conditions of meeting the requirements and relevant current specifications and standards, the weight of the steel structure is minimized through optimization design methods such as finite edge analysis. The hoist trolley adopts ND type wire rope electric hoist trolley, and the rated lifting capacity is 3.2~80t.

Application scope: iron and steel metallurgy, hydropower, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, coal, petrochemical industry

NLH electric double beam crane

Features of NLH Electric Double Girder Crane:

  1. Lifting equipment with light dead weight, small wheel pressure, small limit size, reliable performance and easy operation.
  2. Small wheel pressure and small limit size can reduce the investment in pre-engineering projects such as workshops, and at the same time save some costs for lighting, heating and other facilities.
  3. The product has reliable performance and durability, which greatly reduces the additional cost required in the later use of the product: on the one hand, the use of high-quality and high-performance components reduces the maintenance and repair workload; on the other hand, the total installed power (energy consumption) has been reduced, but also to save the cost of use.

The advantages of NLH electric double beam crane:

  1. Compared with ordinary cranes, NLH series hoist double-girder bridge cranes reduce the height of the whole machine by about 50%, the wheel pressure by about 30%, and the self-weight by about 35%, which greatly reduces the user’s plant construction cost.
  2. The working level of ordinary hoist double-girder cranes can only reach A3 and A4, and cannot be applied to heavy load or busy material handling conditions. The working level of NLH series electric hoist double-girder cranes can reach A5, A6 or even higher.
  3. The hook limit is smaller and the working area is larger.
  4. The hoisting drive motor and transmission reduction box are imported products with hard tooth surface gear transmission, which have a long service life and are maintenance-free.
  5. The running mechanism adopts a three-in-one reducer, the wheel installation position adopts the integral boring processing technology, and the wheel installation precision is high.