MG type hook gantry crane


  • Capacity:3-320T
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:New type crane

Advantages of MG type hook gantry crane:

The MG type new hook gantry crane is designed and manufactured according to the European FEM advanced standard. The rated lifting capacity is 3t~320t. Compared with ordinary MG, its main features are the use of European standard car configuration, the whole car reducer with hard tooth surface, the drive adopts three-in-one drive, the whole car adopts PLC + frequency conversion control technology, comprehensive Improve the performance of the product, at the same time, the weight of the whole machine is reduced by more than 15%, and the pressure of the large wheel is reduced by 10~20%.

MG type gantry crane is a bridge type crane in which the horizontal bridge is set on two outriggers to form a gantry shape. This kind of crane runs on ground rails and is mainly used for handling and installation in open storage yards, shipyards, power stations, ports and railway freight stations.

MG type hook gantry crane

Gantry crane is a variant of bridge crane. In the port, it is mainly used for the loading and unloading of outdoor cargo yards, stockyards and bulk cargoes. Its metal structure is like a door-shaped frame, and two feet are installed under the bearing main beam, which can walk directly on the track on the ground, and the two ends of the main beam can have outrigger cantilevers. The gantry crane has the characteristics of high site utilization rate, large operating range, wide adaptability and strong versatility.

Features of MG type hook gantry crane:

  1. High site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability, strong versatility and low noise.
  2. Compact structure, small occupied space, large working range, suitable for various working environments.
  3. There is no need to change the plant structure to meet the logistics needs.
  4. Customized production according to customer requirements, fast delivery, can support site planning, measurement and installation.