Graphite Electrode Crane


  • Automatic storage of graphite electrodes, graphite grouping, film winding, strings, automatic switching of single and double rows; overall loading and unloading of single or double rows of multi-specification graphite electrodes.

Advantages of Graphite Electrode Crane:

Graphite electrodes are consumables for smelting iron and steel. At present, the main characteristics of graphite electrode manufacturing are “dirty, tired, and stupid”, and as an important raw material for iron and steel smelting, the size requirements of various manufacturers are different, and there is no standardized string and transfer equipment. Most Using the original manual operation, each furnace requires more than 20 strings and transfers of small-diameter graphite electrodes, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the efficiency is extremely low.

Weihua Graphite Electrode Crane It is a graphite electrode multi-functional string and furnace loading and unloading equipment developed by Weihua Technology Center for the carbon industry. Part of the equipment can realize the automatic storage of graphite electrodes, graphite sheets, wrapping films, strings, and automatic switching of single and double. The hoisting part of the row grouping equipment can realize the overall loading and unloading of single row or double row multi-specification graphite electrodes and lifting the furnace cover

Features of Graphite Electrode Crane:

  1. The product has a reasonable structure design. The graphite electrode string device adopts the main and auxiliary hydraulic propulsion device, mobile packing device, automatic chipping device, damping roller device, etc., which are flexible and exquisite;
  2. This product belongs to Weihua’s original intelligent multi-functional graphite electrode crane, which can meet the loading and unloading of various specifications of electrodes. At the same time, the spreader is equipped with a furnace cover hook that is suitable for furnace cover lifting to meet various needs of customers. One machine is multi-purpose, one machine is multi-functional.
  3. The complex spreader of this product is an innovative design, which not only satisfies the loading and unloading of single and double row graphite electrodes, but also satisfies the lifting and transportation of the furnace cover. The design structure is cleverly used, and the safety device is set reasonably, which not only meets the requirements of large tonnage lifting, but also meets the requirements of refined operation.
  4. The Weihua Technology Center has created an advanced graphite electrode string machine. There is currently no more advanced production method on the market. This equipment will change the existing graphite electrode preparation method. For the market, it has a brand-new creativity.