Foundry Crane


  • Capacity:5~320T
  • working level:A7
  • Crane Rail Recommended:UQ120
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Steel metallurgical crane

Advantages of Foundry Crane:

Foundry Crane is one of the main equipment in the large-scale forging manufacturing process. It mainly applies pressure to the metal billet through a forging press to produce plastic deformation to obtain products with certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size. Forging cranes are used for metal billets. Lifting, turning over, and setting buffer devices to avoid damage to mechanisms or structural parts due to impact loads.

Foundry Crane mainly has two structural forms: double-beam double-track single trolley and triple-beam four-track double trolley. The structural form of the forging crane is closely related to the layout of the forging workshop and hydraulic press.

The composition of Foundry Crane: electronic control system, main (auxiliary) trolley, crane operating mechanism, bridge, spreader, turner, etc.

Features of Foundry Crane:

  1. Equipped with mechanical anti-shock function and mechanical anti-overload function, safe and reliable;
  2. It can withstand 1.4 times the static load and 1.2 times the dynamic load test;
  3. The bridge structure is designed with three beams and four rails, and the main and auxiliary beams adopt a wide flange off-track box structure;
  4. Equipped with a special turning machine to realize the lifting and turning of the workpiece;
  5. The key points of each part are checked and calculated by finite element analysis technology;
  6. Flexible design, bolts and hinges are used between modules, easy installation and maintenance, improve plant utilization, reduce energy consumption, and have strong adaptability;
  7. Use computer simulation and analysis technology to analyze and control the research and development results.