Fixed crane


  • Range of amplitude: 21.5-54m
  • Capacity:500-660T
  • Work Duty: A6
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Port crane

Advantages of Fixed crane:

Fixed crane is a kind of fixed base slewing bearing crane, the base part of which is fixed on the wharf or cargo yard, suitable for heavy loading and unloading operations in port wharf and cargo yard, with a wide range of applications and high operating efficiency. The lifting capacity of this series of cranes is 3t, 5t, 10t, 16t, 25t, 35t, 40t or more. It is used with hooks, grab buckets or special container spreaders, and has strong adaptability to goods.

The fixed crane adopts the horizontal displacement compensation of the roller skating group and the cylinder support, which has a simple structure, light weight, low investment, small windward area, and convenient installation and maintenance. The luffing mechanism can load and luff, and the rotating mechanism can rotate 360° smoothly. The three mechanisms of hoisting, rotating and luffing can perform independent or combined actions. The rotating support of the machine is a rolling bearing, and the rotating drive device is composed of a vertical motor, a planetary gear box, a large ring gear, etc., and the limit torque limiter can protect the mechanism in the event of an accidental collision during rotation. This series of models are equipped with various safety devices to ensure safe operation.

fixed base crane

Features of Fixed crane:

  1. Adopt four-link combined boom and cylindrical gantry structure;
  2. The slewing device is a large slewing bearing, which can be used in conjunction with hooks and grabs, and can be used in different working ranges;
  3. The corresponding load can be hoisted for horizontal luffing and 360° rotation.
  4. The lifting, luffing and slewing mechanisms can act alone or in combination;
  5. The whole Fixed crane can run in a straight line along the horizontally laid track;
  6. All operating mechanisms adopt AC variable frequency speed regulation, the whole machine adopts PLC control system, full variable frequency stepless speed regulation and fault monitoring system;