Beam moving machine


  • Capacity:900T
  • Scope of application:Open spaces, docks, etc.
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Road overhead & Water conservancy

Advantages of beam shifting machine:

The beam moving machine is a large-ton displacement beam machine product, which is used for the lifting, storage and loading operations of 20m, 24m, 32m prefabricated double-line whole-hole prestressed box-shaped concrete beams in the beam field.

Beam moving machine

The large-tonnage beam lifter and bridge erection machine provide time-saving and labor-saving convenience for the manufacture of bridges. The bridge erection machine is a device that places the prefabricated beams on the prefabricated piers. The bridge erection machine belongs to the category of cranes, because its main function is to lift the beam pieces, then transport them to the position and put them down. However, the conditions required are harsh, and there is running on the beam, or longitudinal movement. The bridge erection machine is divided into several types, such as erecting highway bridges, conventional railway bridges, and passenger railway bridges.

Features of beam shifting machine:

  1. Equipped with special spreader, mainly used for loading and unloading and transition of large bridges.
  2. The cart can rotate 90º, suitable for multi-span use.
  3. The lifting adopts four-point lifting and three-point balance to ensure the balanced force of the wire rope.
  4. The trolley adopts hydraulic push rod device, which can realize the lifting and transportation of various bridges, and save the cost at the same time.