Beam lifting machine


  • Capacity:450T
  • Scope of application:bridge construction
  • Brand: WeiHua
  • Product Type:Road overhead & Water conservancy

Advantages of Beam lifting machine:

Beam lifting machine is a kind of gantry crane specially designed for bridge construction. The beam lifting machine can be used to lift the prefabricated beam with two sets, or can lift the prefabricated beam with a single crane with double spreaders. The weight is usually up to 900 tons. It is equipped with outrigger walking, crane walking and crane lifting equipment, which can realize all-round mechanized action. It is mainly used to lift the prefabricated beam from the beam making platform to the beam storage platform. After the maintenance of the prefabricated beam is completed, it is hoisted from the beam storage platform to the beam transporter. As a lifting device to complete the assembly and disassembly of the bridge erection machine. It is also used to erect dry bridges with low piers.

Beam lifting machine

Features of Beam lifting machine:

  1. The running speed of the lifting mechanism and the running mechanism is low to improve the alignment accuracy of the prefabricated beam and reduce the impact on the structure of the beam lifting machine.
  2. The internal space of the beam lifting machine should be large enough to meet the assembly of the lifting prefabricated beam and the bridge erecting machine.
  3. The main steel structure shall be disassembled and transported under the premise of satisfying strength, rigidity and stability.
  4. When two sets of prefabricated beams are used for hoisting, the two machines must run synchronously.