Anode carbon block stacking crane


  • Long lasting
  • Running smoothly
  • Good combination
  • Customizable Specifications

Advantages of Anode carbon block stacking crane:

The anode carbon block stacking crane is a special loading and unloading equipment for carbon block storage in carbon factories and electrolytic aluminum plants. It is used in environments containing carbon powder, hydrocarbons, roasting flue gas and other harmful substances.

The equipment is mainly composed of bridge frame, cart running mechanism, lifting mechanism, guiding device, clamping device, control system, electric hoist and other parts. It is used for catching raw and cooked carbon blocks in the anode carbon block warehouse, and other sporadic lifting. Its built-in fixture can grab 19 or 21 longitudinally arranged anode carbon blocks for back-and-forth stacking or loading, and can also realize the removal of waste blocks and the insertion of qualified blocks, and can be stacked 9 layers.

The trolley of the pole carbon block stacking crane adopts dual drives, and the whole machine adopts frequency conversion and PLC control. All the movements of the crane are operated in the operating room, and the operating room is equipped with an air-conditioning device that can adjust the cold and heat.

Features of Anode carbon block stacking crane:

  1. The fixture is purely mechanical design, without power source, environmental protection and energy saving
  2. Weld first after assembly, unique welding method ensures product accuracy