Steel metallurgical crane

Weihua Crane has A-level qualifications for installation, maintenance and transformation of bridge cranes and gantry cranes. We have two professional branches and more than ten professional installation teams, dedicated to the installation, commissioning, disassembly, transformation, maintenance, One-stop technical services such as maintenance, acceptance and forensics and accessories. Provide lifting equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, relocation, etc. Professional solutions such as machine and transformation.

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  • Charging Crane

    Charging Crane


    • Automatic Identification
    • Automatic hook
    • Automatic decoupling
    • Automatic warehouse change
  • Forged crane

    Foundry Crane


    • Capacity:5~320T
    • working level:A7
    • Crane Rail Recommended:UQ120
    • Brand: WeiHua
    • Product Type:Steel metallurgical crane
  • Quenching Crane

    Quenching Crane


    • Weihua patented wire rope adjustment device
    • Weihua independent patent anti-sway technology
    • C-type hook special spreader
    • Intelligent Control System
  • clamp bridge crane

    Slab Clamp Crane


    • Lifting stator regulation, frequency conversion operation, smooth lifting operation, small impact;
    • Main electrical is placed inside the main beam and equipped with industrial AC unit to ensure a good working environment and temperature;
    • Overall processing of structural parts to ensure the installation accuracy.
  • Steel Coil Handling Crane

    Steel Coil Handling Crane


    • Warehouse management unattended
    • Vehicle Active Scanning and Recognition
    • Coil intelligent identification and handling
    • Inventory program control real scene visualization