What is a single girder crane?

Single-girder cranes are easy to install, easy to use and maintain, have low cost, and are widely used in all walks of life. A single girder crane refers to a single main girder bridge crane running on the upper part of the workshop.

explosion proof bridge crane
LB explosion-proof single girder bridge crane

What are the components of a single girder crane?

The single-girder crane mainly includes three major mechanisms, namely the hoisting mechanism, the cart operating mechanism, and the trolley operating mechanism. The hoisting mechanism is mainly composed of electric hoists, wire ropes, pulleys, hooks, or other spreaders. The trolley running mechanism is mainly composed of motors, end beams, traveling wheels, etc. The trolley running mechanism refers to the running trolley connected with the electric hoist and the main beam.
The metal structure of the single-beam crane is mainly composed of two parts: the main beam and the end beam. The main beam structure is mostly a combined section of I-beam and steel plate, which is composed of a cover plate, web plate, and I-beam. There are longitudinal and transverse long and short reinforcing rib plates in the box. . Its safety and reliability directly affect the operation quality and working ability of the crane.

First, the characteristics of the steel structure

  1. The material of the main steel structure (main beam, end beam) is Q235-B, and the material used has a material report and corresponding certificate of conformity.
  2. The manufacture, welding, and inspection of the steel structure shall be carried out according to national standards. The important stress-bearing butt welds adopt the double-sided groove welding process and conduct a visual inspection and non-destructive testing according to regulations, and all welders hold corresponding grade certificates.
  3. The main beam of all cranes adopts the whole plate without the butt welding process, cancels the butt welding seam of the main beam steel plate, and eliminates the hidden danger of the butt welding of the steel plate. (Steel plate butt welding is the most important welding and is the part with the most quality hidden dangers)
  4. All plates are automatically cut by a CNC cutting machine, and the camber of the main beam is preset to avoid the problem of deflection of the camber of the traditional fire-baked main beam.
  5. The steel surface is shot blasted, and its surface roughness reaches the Sa2.5 level in GB8923 “Steel Surface Treatment Registration and Derusting Grade before Coating”, which improves the paint adhesion, does not peel off the paint and ensures the integrity of the single-beam crane. Long-term beauty
  6. The longitudinal waist weld of the main beam adopts the domestic advanced automatic special machine ambush welding, which is beautiful in shape and ensures the welding quality.
  7. The cross beam of the cart is made of rectangular tubes as a whole, without splicing and welding seams, with a beautiful appearance and durability.
  8. The all-wheel installation adopts a boring type installation to avoid wheel tread not being on the same level and improve wheel running accuracy.

Second, the characteristics of the mechanical system

  1. The hoisting mechanism of the single-beam crane refers to the electric hoist. This product has the advantages of compact structure, lightweight, small size, and convenient operation.
  2. The operating mechanism of the electric hoist of the single beam crane is an electric trolley type. The reduction gear is forged with 40Cr and has been quenched and tempered. It is installed in a closed reduction box, all supported by rolling bearings, and the wall plate is made of steel plate, which ensures flexible operation, convenient use, and long service life.
  3. The trolley running structure of the single-girder crane is composed of a motor, a reducer, and a wheel group. The wheels are 45# forgings. The hardness after heat treatment is HB ≥ 330 to 390 for the tread and HB ≥ 260 at the depth of 20mm. The material of the shaft and gear is 45# or 40Cr after quenching and tempering. The cart driver is a new LDA-type drive device, which has the advantages of simple structure, small size, large starting torque, frequent starting, stable running speed, low noise, safe and reliable use, convenient installation and maintenance, and elegant appearance.

Single-girder cranes are widely used in workshops with small tonnage and are currently the most used crane types. You are welcome to inquire about prices.