Weihua new type chinese overhead crane is coming !

Overhead cranes have always been one of Weihua’s most competitive products. With the strong performance of general overhead cranes in the market, Weihua has won the title of “Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise in Manufacturing Industry”.
On May 28, 2021, Weihua launched the “new Chinese” crane, which can reduce energy consumption, wheel pressure, and its own weight by more than 20%, and can create greater value for customers without increasing costs.

Case 1:Cast Steel Project

Cast Steel Project
Cast Steel Project

● Weihua provided two 500t bridge crane products for the steel casting project and innovatively proposed a dual-mechanism lifting scheme.

● The bridge crane is composed of 8 sets of large trolleys, with 32 wheels, the outermost wheel spacing is 24 meters, and the trolley adopts an extra-large 13.9-meter gauge, which well meets the customer’s requirements for wheel pressure customization and workshop conditions.

Case2:Indonesia Project

Indonesia Project
Indonesia Project

● The main beam of the crane in this project adopts the design of the off-track box beam, and the whole vehicle adopts the finite element analysis and optimization design to reduce the total weight of the crane and the overall height of the crane.

● The whole vehicle adopts variable frequency speed regulation, with a wide speed regulation range, stable braking, and small mechanical impact. The cart adopts an 8-wheel structure, which can effectively reduce the wheel pressure of cranes.

Case3:River Port Project

river port project
river port project

● The whole machine is composed of a bridge frame, cart running, trolley, driver’s cab, and electrical equipment. The equipment is equipped with various mechanism installations and various safety protection devices and alarm devices to ensure the safe and reliable material handling work of the equipment.

● The product adopts the structure of a double-beam, double-track, and single-hoisting trolley. All components are compactly arranged, easy to maintain, safe and reliable, easy to operate, stable in operation, and light in weight.


Compared with ordinary products, the new Chinese bridge crane

Weight can be reduced by 25%, wheel pressure can be reduced by 20%

Your height can also be reduced by 30%

Guided by Modular Design Theory

By means of direct visualization technology

Introduce optimal design and reliability design methods

New concept bridge crane completed with new material and new process

It has the characteristics of high generalization, intelligence, and high technology content

Low energy consumption, durable and high reliability

Advantages such as convenient automatic expansion in the later stage