Weihua Crane Group website is online!

Founded in 1988, Weihua Group is a large-scale enterprise group mainly engaged in the research and development of bridges, gantry cranes, port machinery, electric hoists, speed reducers, bulk material conveying equipment, parking equipment, special robots and other products.

Our ideal:

Adhering to the development concept of independent innovation and the combination of production, education and research, the company has independently developed European standard series bridge cranes with low height, light weight and small wheel pressure, which can significantly reduce the cost of plant construction; electrical anti-sway control technology with independent intellectual property rights, It has been successfully applied to many national key projects.

Our team:

Henan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. currently has a strong R&D team with nearly 200 professional and technical personnel, including 1 overseas expert, 1 doctor, 80 middle and senior engineers, and 110 engineers. At the same time, it also employs a number of well-known experts as technical consultants of the company, focusing on the leading role of well-known experts and academic leaders in the industry.

Our English website is officially launched in April 2022, and our new website is built by WordPress. If you have any questions, you can contact us.