WeiHua AICrane bulk material intelligent oil crane

Delayed coking technology is a heavy oil deep processing device commonly used by refining and chemical enterprises. Since petroleum coke is produced while separating and extracting light products from petroleum, coking units have always been a “big polluter” of concern to environmental protection authorities. According to relevant statistics, there are currently more than 100 large-scale delayed coking units built by domestic refining and chemical companies, with a total processing capacity of more than 100 million tons. Since most of the coking units adopt the open hydraulic decoking method, petroleum coke often produces a large amount of dust and volatile pollutants during the process of decoking, transportation, and storage. Even if calculated according to the volatile amount of 1%, it will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment.

Airtight decoking equipment

It plays a very important role in the green production of refining and chemical enterprises

Its harsh working environment with high temperature, high humidity, toxic and explosion-proof

It is an unsuitable work environment

Developed by Weihua Group

WeiHua AICrane airtight decoking unmanned crane system

Has helped a number of large petrochemical projects successfully enter green production

WeiHua AICrane airtight decoking unmanned crane system

Standard equipment is

Explosion-proof bridge crane


Intelligent crane management system


Intelligent remote control console


360-degree monitoring system

Avoid the harsh environment of high temperature, high humidity, and poisonous explosion-proof for operators

Effectively improve the working efficiency of lifting equipment

Won high praise from many customers with excellent performance

bulk material intelligent oil crane (4)
grab material
bulk material intelligent oil crane (3)
unloading material
bulk material intelligent oil crane (2)
moving material

Some cases

WeiHua AICrane

The WeiHua AICrane airtight decoking unmanned crane system in this petrochemical project is equipped with two 20t explosion-proof bridge cranes with a span of 31.5m and a rail surface elevation of 18m. Fully guarantee the safety of the operation, and can automatically run at high intensity.

WeiHua AICrane

The scheduling module of the intelligent crane management system in this petrochemical project is based on the depth-first and breadth-first algorithms, and can automatically generate feeding, discharging, and moving tasks according to the principle of optimal efficiency, and the single-cycle time has been controlled within 2 Within minutes, the operation efficiency of the crane is greatly accelerated. In addition, the intelligent crane management system innovatively adopts the overclocking method to control the opening and closing of the grab bucket, which increases the full bucket rate to more than 90% and saves at least 8 seconds in a single working cycle.

oil crane

The central control room in this petrochemical project is equipped with an intelligent remote control console and is equipped with a crane operation panel to communicate with the intelligent crane management system, which can realize system mode switching, equipment monitoring, fault warning, remote operation, and other functions. It can switch between four operating modes, including automatic, semi-automatic, remote manual, and on-site remote control, which can not only complete normal automatic operation but also handle various needs such as special operations.

oil crane

WeiHua AICrane airtight defocusing unmanned crane system is equipped with multiple cameras at important positions of cranes and workshops, which can realize 360-degree real-time monitoring of the storage area without dead ends, and effectively support customers’ remote and publicity manual operations.

WeiHua AICrane airtight decoking unmanned crane system

It is a researcher of AICrane Software Research Institute in Beijing Cloud Future of Weihua Group.

High-precision anti-shake, positioning, laser scanning, and other hardware systems

assimilate into

5G, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT

and other advanced technologies

Customized design can be made according to the actual needs of customers

Meet the needs of a variety of intelligent material handling in the context of the new era