Single Girder Crane VS Double Girder Crane

Among bridge cranes, electric single-girder cranes and electric double-girder cranes are both commonly used lifting equipment in workshops. They are both subclasses of bridge cranes. Some customers do not understand the difference between the two. Let us introduce the difference between the two:

To put it simply, electric single-girder cranes are bridge cranes with only one main beam, and double-girder cranes are bridge cranes with two main beams.

explosion proof bridge crane
LB explosion-proof single girder bridge crane
double-girder overhead crane
Double Girder Crane

The difference of the lifting mechanism

The hoisting mechanism of the single-girder bridge crane is an electric hoist. The electric hoist is hung upside down on the I-beam track below the main girder, and the trolley moves left and right on the I-beam track.
The hoisting mechanism of the double-girder bridge crane is generally a hoist, and the hoisting mechanism runs left and right on the track above the two main beams. Double-girder bridge cranes can also use electric hoists as hoisting mechanisms (see LB explosion-proof single girder bridge crane for details), but they are suitable for occasions where the lifting weight is not too large.

Different applicable occasions

Although single-girder cranes and double-girder cranes are both lifting equipment used in workshops, there are certain differences in the applicable occasions of the two.
The lifting weight of the single-girder crane is generally not more than 20 tons, and it can be selected when the lifting operation in the workshop is not frequent. It is widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises.
Compared with single-girder cranes, the structure of double-girder cranes is more stable and more applicable.

Different spreaders can be adapted

Single-girder cranes generally have only one hoisting mechanism, so only one spreader can be configured, but double-girder cranes generally have two hoisting mechanisms, one main and one auxiliary, the main hoisting mechanism has large lifting tonnage, slow speed and small lifting The lifting tonnage of the mechanism is small, the speed is fast, and it is convenient for users to use.