Overhead bridge crane operation and safety

The use of overhead crane equipment not only improves production efficiency but also reduces people’s work intensity. At the same time, people are concerned about the safety of equipment in use. The operational security of overhead cranes is very important to us.

Overhead bridge crane operation

Inspection before use of overhead crane:

1. Operators must wear protective equipment such as work clothes.

2. Check the surrounding environment of the fuselage, remove sundries on the track, remove oil stains, and maintain a good working environment.

3. Understand the operating status of the machine, if there is a problem, deal with it and solve it.

4. Check whether various safety devices are complete.

5. Carry out the test run of the empty car to check whether the operation of each mechanism is normal, whether there is any abnormal noise, and whether the actions of various safety devices are sensitive, safe, and reliable.

6. Check the working conditions of the brakes of each mechanism, whether they meet the requirements of safety regulations, and whether the brakes cannot be operated if they are not qualified.

Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes
Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes
QZ Grab Overhead Crane
QZ Grab Overhead Crane

Operating procedures and precautions:

1. Before starting, a signal should be sent first, the lifting and lowering of heavy objects should be stable and uniform, and the slow speed should be maintained when lifting large items.

2. When approaching the hoist limiter, when the large or small car is near the terminal or meets the adjacent traffic, the speed should be slow. It is not allowed to use reversing instead of braking, it is not allowed to use a limiter as a means of power-off and parking, and it is not allowed to use an emergency switch instead of the ordinary switch.

3. When the work is stopped, the lifting object shall not be suspended in the air.

4. It is strictly forbidden for the hanging object to pass or stay on the head, and the hanging object should be moved along the safe passage for lifting.

5. The lifting object should not be too high off the ground; when the hook is running without load, keep a certain height.

6. When lifting heavy tonnage objects, it should be lifted slightly off the ground to confirm that the hanging is stable and the braking is good, and then it is raised and run slowly.

7. During the hoisting process, it is not allowed to operate the three mechanisms at the same time (that is, the cart, the trolley, and the winch cannot operate at the same time).

8. In the event of a sudden power failure during operation, the power switch of the switch handle must be cut off, the lifting piece has not been put down or the lock has not been unhooked, and it is not allowed to leave the worksite.

9. When the hanger slides down due to a sudden failure during operation, emergency measures must be taken to a land where there is no one.

10. During maintenance, the crane should lean on a safe place, cut off the power supply, and set up a fence on the ground.

Overhead crane operation video

Operating overhead cranes requires attention:

stay steady

Professional overhead crane drivers can effectively maintain the stable operation of the crane, which is reflected in the stability when starting, lifting, or lowering heavy objects, rather than swinging. security function.

Accurate positioning ensures

One of the guarantees of skillfully operating an overhead crane is to ensure that the crane moves according to its own intention, especially the orientation of the landing or landing position is quite accurate, so as to ensure the operational efficiency and better exert the concentrated expression of the crane’s performance.

speed safety

When operating an overhead crane proficiently, it is necessary to increase the working speed on the basis of stability and accuracy. We can’t finish this job in ten days a day. Although it is safe and reliable, it does achieve stability and positioning accuracy, but it delays work time. This is not conducive to the development needs of the enterprise, so it is necessary to ensure that it runs continuously and quickly on the premise of safe and rapid operation, and then ensures the efficient completion of the operation.

Safe operation

It is important to ensure the safety of suspension overhead cranes, and it is also the premise and guarantee for the efficient operation of cranes. If accidents occur frequently, how can we talk about the improvement of work efficiency? It will have a greater impact on the development of the enterprise, so it is necessary to ensure the good function of the crane and the high driving level of the driver to ensure its safety.

Reasonable use

In the process of using overhead cranes, it is necessary to pay more attention to rationality on the basis of safety, that is, the lifting weight must be within the load-bearing range, the operation progress must be controlled within a feasible range, and the task must be completed with quality and quantity.


Correct operation of overhead cranes can ensure our safe work. Weihua Crane provides various types of overhead cranes, if you need it, you can contact us.