How to maintain and check the portal crane?

Planned regular inspection and maintenance of portal cranes is an important means to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the occurrence of major accidents and failures. After a detailed maintenance plan has been formulated, the engineers must make arrangements according to the plan. As a kind of large-scale lifting equipment, the portal crane has a complex structure and many mechanisms. In order to ensure that it is not missed during the inspection, it can be divided into three stages according to the operation of the equipment:

Stage 1: Before equipment operation:

  1. Whether the lifting, luffing, and rotating steel structure is injured or abnormal
  2. Whether the anti-collision block at the end of the luffing track is damaged
  3. Whether the wire rope is damaged or any abnormality
  4. Whether the ladders, railings, and walkways are bent or loose and not fixed
  5. Whether the rainproof facilities in the computer room and electrical room are in good condition and kept clean
  6. The oil level of the gearbox, whether the installation screws are loose, and whether the appearance of the cable is damaged
  7. Whether the rope head of the hoisting wire rope is fixed, and whether the wire rope slips out of the drum.

Stage 2: the equipment is running:

  1. Check whether the cart running mechanism has abnormal noise, abnormal vibration, and impact.
  2. Whether the luffing operating mechanism has abnormal noise, abnormal vibration, and impact.
  3. Whether the hoisting mechanism has abnormal noise, abnormal vibration, and impact.
  4. Whether the rotation is valid.

Stage 3: After the equipment stops running:

  1. The cart operating mechanism checks whether the anti-climbing device is put down.
  2. The hoisting mechanism checks whether the reducer is leaking.

Stage 4: reasonable maintenance

The driver of the gantry crane absorbs a lot of dust on the internal components due to its long-term work and its working environment, and because it is a dynamic load working mode. The connected connectors may be loose. In such maintenance, the driver is disassembled, the static performance of the components is tested, and the interior is maintained accordingly.


Reasonable maintenance and maintenance can ensure the normal and safe operation of the portal crane. If you have any questions about maintenance and maintenance, you can contact us. We will make recommendations for you.