Electric hoist double girder crane VS QD double girder overhead crane

Electric hoist double-girder crane and QD double-girder bridge crane are both bridge-type double-girder cranes used in workshops. Some customers do not know much about these two bridge cranes and do not know how to distinguish them. Here I will explain to you the difference between these two types of cranes.

QD hook overhead crane
NLH electric double beam crane

Models are different

The model of the electric hoist bridge crane is LH, and the model of the QD double girder bridge crane is QD.

Different lifting mechanisms

Electric hoist bridge crane refers to a double-girder bridge crane with an electric hoist as a lifting mechanism; a QD double-girder crane uses a hoist as a lifting mechanism.

Different work levels

QD type double girder bridge cranes generally have two working levels, A5 and A6, while the working level of electric hoist bridge cranes is A3-A5, which is much lower than that of QD type. That is to say, electric hoist bridge cranes are generally used on occasions where operations are not frequent, and there is no wider application range of QD cranes. Moreover, the hoist double-girder crane is generally suitable for lifting heavy objects under 32 tons, and the QD type can reach several hundred tons.

Different structure

Although both are double-girder cranes, the hoist double has the advantages of compact structure, lightweight, simple operation, space-saving, etc., and the cost is much cheaper than that of the QD type.

Common ground:

Although there are many differences between electric hoist bridge cranes and QD double girder bridge cranes, they also have many similarities. Compared with single-girder cranes, both are more stable in operation. The hoisting mechanism runs left and right on the track above the two main beams.
Operation mode: There are three modes of operation for hoist double and QD bridge cranes:

  1. Handle: people follow the car, saving personnel, not only can control the driving but also hang objects. Disadvantages: It is more dangerous for people to walk with hanging objects
  2. Remote control: It is not necessary to follow the traffic when lifting larger and more dangerous items. Disadvantage: limited field of view.
  3. Aerial exercise: the operation has a wide field of vision. Disadvantages: It is operated by special personnel and requires the cooperation of the following personnel.

When purchasing a double-girder crane, users can choose according to their own conditions. If the user is not very frequent, they can choose an electric hoist bridge crane. If the operation is frequent, it is better to choose a QD double-girder crane for safety.