Large outdoor gantry crane completed delivery in Pakistan

Weihua independent research and development design and production
Two sets of 190m large outdoor gantry cranes for shaft construction
Successfully passed the acceptance and forensics
Completed the delivery and use of the 14th Engineering Bureau of China Water Resources and Hydropower

large gantry crane
outdoor gantry crane
large outdoor gantry crane


  • The ultra-high-lift gantry crane for shaft construction adopts a lightweight design, which has the characteristics of light weight, small wheel pressure and low headroom, and can meet various construction requirements in tunnels.
  • The lifting height can reach 190m, the lifting speed is fast and the efficiency is high; the folding reel is used to ensure that the wire ropes are arranged neatly and avoid rope disorder; the whole vehicle adopts digital frequency conversion speed regulation, which can effectively control the synchronization speed and accuracy.
  • High safety performance, the mechanism is equipped with three-level braking, and the auxiliary trolley hoisting mechanism adopts the redundant design of double rope systems. When one rope system fails, the other rope system can operate independently to ensure the safety of the lifting and lowering of the cage, and the safety factor reaches the elevator. level standard.
  • Equipped with an independent wireless signal transmission system, it can ensure the transmission of 1000m under shaft conditions, realize the continuity of signal transmission and ensure the quality of signal transmission.

There are two products in this batch

All are ultra-high lift gantry cranes ME10t+3t for exhaust shafts

Serving the 14th Engineering Bureau of China Water Conservancy and Hydropower

Main Civil Construction of Zhejiang Jinyun Pumped Storage Power Station

and metal structure installation works

It will help the main project of the pumped storage power station

and construction of supporting projects

Promote the implementation of Lishui’s first single tens of billions investment project

gantry crane in Pakistan
Gantry crane in Pakistan

Large outdoor crane for shaft construction

Weihua independent research and development design

Ultra-high lift crane for shaft construction

Wellheads mainly used for shaft construction

As a special crane for hoisting construction equipment, tools and goods

Widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, bridges and tunnels

Subway engineering, mining and other fields