Explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist for sale

According to the different physical states of the substances in the place, the explosion hazardous environment is divided into an explosive gas environment and a combustible dust environment. In order to prevent and reduce the detonation factors of electrical equipment used in this environment, Weihua’s new explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist has become more and more Designated configuration of multi-enterprise lifting equipment. Independent technology, the core components are completely self-made, and have been successfully applied in many national key projects!

An electric hoist is one of the important components of an overhead crane.

Weihua’s new explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist is a special industry electric hoist developed on the basis of European electric hoist for explosive environments such as the petrochemical industry. The benchmark working-level reaches M5.

The electric hoist can be used alone with the fixed suspension track in the workshop, or it can be used together with the explosion-proof electric suspension crane, the explosion-proof electric single-beam crane, and the explosion-proof electric hoist double-beam crane.

Rated lifting capacity(T)351016203250
Lifting height(M)≤24≤24≤24≤24≤24≤24≤24
Lifting speed(M/MIN)5/0.85/0.84/0.674/0.674/0.672.7/0.42.7/0.4
Running speed(M/MIN)2-202-202-202-202-202-202-20

The working environment temperature of the electric hoist is -20℃~40℃, when the ambient temperature is 25℃, the relative air humidity is not more than 85%, the altitude is not more than 1000m, and the explosion-proof level of the explosive environment is ExdⅡCT4/tD A21 IP65 T130℃.

Explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist

1. The product adopts a lightweight design concept
Simple structure, compact appearance, convenient operation

2 .The product is designed with a modular structure
Mass production and stable quality
Strong versatility and easy maintenance

3 .Runs smoothly
Adopt frequency conversion control
Can reduce product shaking during lifting
Improve lifting safety

4.The product has a variety of safety protection measures
Can be added upon request
Second brake, Overspeed protection,
Stall protection, safety monitoring system, etc.
Improve the safety of lifting items