Eight girder foundry overhead crane

Eight girder foundry overhead crane is a large metallurgical auxiliary lifting machinery. It greatly improves the quality of production efficiency and plays a very important role in metallurgical casting and other industries.

Eight girder foundry overhead crane

Most of the eight girder foundry overhead cranes have high working levels, large lifting capacity, and other features, safe and reliable, material-saving, and durable.


  • The main girder adopts the form of offset rail, which not only reduces the trolley profile size but also increases the lifting space, which is conducive to the application of foundry space.
  • In terms of box beam design, the wide beam in the foundry crane is used, which has a height to width ratio of about 1.2 to 1.5, and this structure is stable and has a large load capacity.
  • In the selection of materials, A3 steel with good performance is used for the main load-bearing parts such as the cover plate and web plate while A3F steel is used for other unimportant members.
  • The design process is based on the principle of saving materials as much as possible under the premise of satisfying strength, stiffness, and stability, using large cross-sections and thin steel plates, so as to achieve the purpose of using materials, and at the same time can reduce the self-weight and improve the stiffness and stability of the beam.


foundry cranes have a wide range of applications and can be used in various occasions such as factories, warehouses, ships, rubber plants, metallurgical plants, etc. In addition, because of its durability, this type of equipment can also be used in outdoor projects. For example, it can be used for lifting on construction sites or material handling in bridge projects.

Currently, many companies use cast cranes for material handling because of the many advantages of this type of equipment. First, it has strong durability; secondly, it can withstand considerable material loads; it is easy to use and maintain.

Metallurgical industry
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From the emergence of the bridge crane to the present, its structure type, and design methods are constantly improved, and the performance indicators continue to improve, so there is a very wide range of applications. More types of overhead cranes, the following three common types: universal overhead cranes, grab-type overhead cranes, and electromagnetic overhead cranes. They can be divided into beam cranes, ordinary overhead cranes, and special overhead cranes according to their use. The cross-sectional form of the beam can be divided into I-beam, box type, and many others. Among them, the box type is divided into the track, partial track, semi-deviated track, as well as solid belly, hollow belly, and other forms. According to the basic parameters and the conditions of use of the crane, the structure adopts the special structure type of eight girders, and each girder adopts a box section.

The metal structure part of the eight-girder bridge foundry crane. Due to the large lifting capacity of this crane, the working level is high and it is used in metallurgical casting workshops, so it is reasonable to use the bridge structure.