Combined gantry rail crane for high-speed rail track

China’s high-speed rail industry has developed rapidly in the past 10 years, and the construction of high-speed rail has frequently set new world records and achieved remarkable achievements. Not only that, Weihua Group undertakes the mission of the era of interconnection. Weihua is committed to the rapid development of my country’s railway construction projects with a dedicated, pragmatic, innovative, and efficient entrepreneurial spirit.

gantry rail crane

Gantry rail cranes designed and manufactured by Henan Weihua Xi’an Railway Bureau are specially used for the joint lifting of high-speed rail tracks. The control system adopts Siemens 1500PLC and Schneider ATV71 frequency converter. Four cranes are grouped together to lift a single 100m long rail, which can realize the centralized control and sub-control functions. Operate alone.

  1. Using the PROFINET bus control method, through the wireless control technology, the lifting information of the other three cranes is summarized to one crane control. When anyone’s crane fails, other cranes can automatically stop working. At the same time, the control system has the functions of sound and light alarm reminder, fault diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, etc., which is convenient for troubleshooting and shortening maintenance time.
  2. Soft connection is adopted between the four cranes, the trolley drive system adopts an absolute encoder to control the synchronous operation, and the running error within a distance of 300m is not more than 150mm.
  3. The crane trolley runs synchronously using the Gray busbar memory positioning, and the running error within a distance of 20m does not exceed ±3mm.
  4. The crane electronic control system is equipped with a special database, which is used to record the operation status of the equipment in real-time and can calculate the safe working cycle of the hoisting mechanism and the cumulative overload times.

The system is safe and reliable, and can effectively ensure the orderly progress of the tasks of the rail welding base in the event of a large amount of rail hoisting work and urgent tasks at the project site.

gantry rail crane
gantry rail crane