50T Gantry crane shipped to Indonesia

April 21st, 2022 morning
Weihua four new Chinese gantry cranes
Concentrated departure
Coming soon to Indonesia
Officially serving the Indonesian Steel Group
Billet manufacturing project

Gantry Crane Departure
Gantry crane loading
Gantry crane loading site
Gantry crane departure site

This batch of project orders

A total of 6 sets of 50t new Chinese gantry cranes

Two of the new Chinese gantry cranes have been installed on-site

steel gantry crane
steel gantry crane
steel gantry crane
steel gantry crane

Weihua new Chinese gantry crane

Serving Indonesia Steel Group

Weihua Gantry Crane

This series of cranes is designed according to the FEM standard, guided by the modular design theory, used modern computer technology as a means to target the high-temperature production environment of the customer’s application site, and is completed with new materials and new processes. A new type of double-girder gantry crane with high technology content.

Technical Features

  • Low headroom structure layout, adopting the structure type of double beam off-track and light hoisting trolley;
  • The height of the whole machine is low, the weight is light, the hook limit is small, and the working range is large;
  • Select high-quality and high-quality parts such as hardened gear reducer, special frequency conversion motor, compacted strand wire rope, steel drum, forged wheels, etc. The products are durable, safe and reliable;
  • The whole machine has variable frequency speed regulation, stable starting, and braking, which can effectively protect the suspended objects and reduce potential safety hazards;
  • The total installed power (energy consumption) is reduced by about 20%, saving energy and reducing emissions;

According to Liu Yuzhu, regional project manager of Weihua Group, the iron and steel group is a large-scale integrated steel enterprise integrating coking, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, and steel rolling. After the completion of the production of 6 new Chinese gantry cranes, Weihua has once again undertaken orders for gantry cranes and other projects of the steel group.

Over the years, Weihua has been deeply engaged in the international strategic layout, and its products have been exported to more than 130 countries and regions. In the future, Weihua will continue to enhance the international competitiveness of “Made in China” with high-quality products, services, and complete solutions, and make due contributions to the recovery of the global economy and the high-quality development of the industry under the epidemic.