250T Three-beam four-rail forging crane

The level of China’s equipment manufacturing industry is constantly improving, the demand for forgings is also increasing year by year, the quality of forgings market requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Forging cranes are overhead cranes with forgings lifting, buffering and turning devices, belonging to a special metallurgical crane.

The three beams and four rails forging crane made by Henan Weihua is another masterpiece after the YZ320t four beams and six rails casting crane. The crane uses a variety of safety devices, with high security and high reliability, its main function is to lift 1000 ℃ blazing ingots with 13500t water press for forging operations, the main features are as follows.

  1. the crane is equipped with a mechanical anti-impact function and mechanical anti-overload function, which is safe and reliable.
  2. the crane is required to withstand 4 times static load and 1.2 times dynamic load test.
  3. Bridge structure three beams and four rails design, the main and secondary girders are wide flange deflection rail box structure.
  4. crane with a special turning machine to achieve workpiece lifting and turning.
  5. The key points of each part are calibrated and calculated using finite element analysis technology.
  6. The flexible design of the crane, the modules are bolted and articulated, easy to install and maintain, improve plant utilization, and reduce energy consumption and adaptability.
  7. Use of computer simulation and analysis technology to analyze and control the results of research and development.
250T forging crane
forging crane 250T
four-rail forging crane
Three-beam four-rail forging crane
Three-beam four-rail forging crane